Photorejuvenation has the power to make over your appearance without the need for surgery. This treatment is also a better alternative to many cosmetics and other skincare products that only hide certain skin flaws temporarily. If you have discolored or aging facial skin, photorejuvenation in Henderson can correct these and other problems, and we have the treatment here at our medical spa to give you the most comprehensive treatment imaginable.


• Fast, easy treatment
• High satisfaction rating
• No recovery downtime needed

Our Technology

To target problem areas on the face better, we use Venus Versa technology that includes a versatile multi-applicator platform. Energy is emitted onto the skin through a handheld applicator that one of our staff members will use to treat your skin flaws. This technology also features a SmartPulse mechanism that allows us to provide even more precise treatment with consistent energy.


Q: What are some of the other specific skin conditions that photorejuvenation can address?

A: Along with wrinkles and skin spots, photorejuvenation in Henderson often works great for treating acne, enlarged pores and rosacea. If your skin has sustained any sun damage, this therapy can also give you great results.

Q: How will you keep my skin from overheating during treatment?

A: To keep the skin cool and protected from the energy that’s being emitted, we use a real-time cooling system that’s included in our technology.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: Photorejuvenation is usually completed over a course of three to five individual treatment sessions. Each session is usually spaced three to six weeks apart from one another.

Photorejuvenation in Henderson could be the answer you’ve been looking for to solve your skin problems for good. To learn more about this treatment and schedule an appointment, please contact our medical spa today.