Body Contouring

If you’re looking for a nonsurgical way to reshape your body, the body contouring in Henderson that we offer can help improve your physique without a single incision. Cutting calories and hitting the gym aren’t always enough to eliminate the loose skin that can make you look heavier, and our treatment can address the problem areas that are often difficult to target.


• No recovery downtime needed
• Results look and feel natural
• Safe for all skin tones

Our Technology

We have advanced technology here at our medical spa that can deliver energy to areas with loose skin. This energy is able to tighten skin around the arms, thighs and abdomen as well as in areas that are sometimes harder to reach such as the jawline.


Q: How long does a treatment session last?

A: Your entire treatment session can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Q: How many treatment sessions are recommended?

A: Six to eight individual treatment sessions are usually recommended per area for the best results. The total number of treatments could vary based on the specific areas of the body that you want treated as well as how well you respond to treatment.

Q: Is it okay to apply cosmetics after treatment?

A: Makeup and lotion can be applied immediately after treatment.

Body contouring in Henderson can change your appearance and outlook on life for the better, and we have the technology to give you the best treatment imaginable. Contact our medical spa today to ask our staff any questions about this treatment and find out our current appointment openings.