Henderson EST. 2019

Our vision for Be.U Body Contouring began long before we opened our doors. From all my years helping others achieve their best potential and realizing that it’s my favorite thing – helping others – we are dedicated to helping all of you, just be you. 

I began my journey in the beauty and health and wellness industry before I graduated high school. Throughout my years of helping others feel good and look good, I struggled with my own health and wellness. I could take care of others, but forgot that taking care of me was also very important. 

Getting healthy, traveling along my own weight loss journey and after losing more than 125 pounds, I went searching for something to enhance all the hard work I’d already done, but could not finish without targeting some trouble spots. Enter body contouring. Yes, I began with the physical, expecting to grow to total body wellness – for all of us. 

Fast forward to here and here we are – making sure that you take care of you so that you may take care of who and what is important to you. It’s not just about physical beauty, we want to share our expertise and vision for total health and wellness. 

We get to do that every day and we are so happy and proud of the work we do, the unbelievable transformations, the relationships we are building, and the trust of our clients to give you the results you are seeking. 

We are Be.U Body Contouring and we are here for you – as we always say, helping you just be you. 


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Questions? Comments?  Whether it’s something we have to improve on or a concern about a procedure, we are here to listen. Heck if you want to rant, we are here for you to.